Roller Grill Electric Convection Oven


The Roller Grill Convection Oven FC60 is a powerful fan-assisted convection oven that is used for even cooking of a variety of food. It also features a steam vent for high moisture products. The fan and lower element combine to deliver a gentle and slow cook ideal for delights like cakes. The oven also features an internal light, source selector, twin glass door, 120-minute times and 300 °C thermostat.


Weight: 34 kg
Dimensions: 595 x 610 x 590 mm
Oven Type: Convection
Power: 3 Kw
Power connection: 13 amp plug
Shelf area: 460 x 340
Temp C (min): 50
Temp C (max): 300
Brand: Roller Grill
Model: FC60
Made in France


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