Commercial Kitchen Design & Consultancy

Do you have a Cafe shop design in your head? Do you need a little help of inspiration? Bring that idea to life. Here with us, we are happy to offer our customers with high-quality CAFE & BAR fit out service. Wherever you are, our team can offer the perfect solution for your requirements. Best of all, we present you the chance whether it is only the design or a reliable cafe or bar shop.

Creative Kitchen is the leading Commercial Kitchen Designer, Stainless steel furnishing & Commercial kitchen equipment supplier in the MENA region, with an award-winning track record and a wealth of industry experience that serves as the foundation for the success of each new project that we undertake.

Leading Cafe & Bar Equipment supplier in UAE & Middle East

We are Experts in Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Commercial Refrigeration and Bar Beverage Systems

  1. Commercial Mixer
  2. Blenders
  3. Juice Dispensers
  4. Ice Crushers
  5. Slush Machine
  6. Coffee Grinders
  7. Coffee Shop Machines
  8. Flake Ice Maker