High Quality Stainless Steel Refrigeration Solutions for Sustained Growth in the Food Service Industry.

Commercial Custom SS Kitchen & Refrigeration Equipment Supplier in UAE

We specialize in providing top-quality custom Stainless steel refrigeration solutions to restaurants and catering businesses
we can customize any type of refrigeration unit to suit your specifications. Our new site contains a state-of-the-art stainless steel manufacturing facility specializing in kitchen fabrication.
We provide consultation services on new and existing kitchen installations. By getting involved in our client’s projects, we can better understand how to provide planning, manufacturing & installation of refrigeration equipment.

Why choose us?

We provide a complete framework of consultancy, planning and strategic approach to each project. Over the years we have built on our expertise and experience in providing to the market a complete Commercial kitchens solution in UAE & Middle East


  • Stainless steel finishing

    The essential and neat stainless steel finishing needs no subsequent intervention: the refrigerator can be placed directly at sight.

    The cabinet may have relief door: with visible closing mechanism and hinges or linear door with a built-in rounded closing mechanism and hinges on the door’s corners.

  • Custom refrigerators with glass door

    Particularly suitable for refrigerators used as wine cellar or cigars humidor, the door has a central shatterproof glass window and inert gas glass panel.

  • Wooden & steel finishing

    The finishing with stainless steel doors fits with elegance also in wooden frames with built-in hinges.

  • Custom top opened refrigerators and freezer

    Custom top opened refrigerators and freezer, relief or flush lid, steel finishing.