Diners on wheels are definitely making it big these days. Entrepreneurs, who are in the food industry, are venturing into the mobile food business. Custom food trucks and concession trailers are one of the first things to accomplish to materialize the business. The food truck and trailers are already equipped with areas for preparing and cooking the food. There are also counters and chairs for clients who want to eat there.
We manufacture to strict standards to ensure that our products meet environmental health standards.:

  1. From design to installation
  2. Precision crafted products
  3. Standard sizes or custom solutions
  4. Skilled workforce
  5. Competitive pricing As per the industry
  6. Stringent quality control


Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Food Truck
Be ready to tweak your design once you actually have your food truck, but know that developing a solid vision for your design will help focus your efforts.
Running Your Food Truck
Food trucks don’t run on hopes and dreams. Powering your food truck can get expensive, but there are loads of ways to run a sustainable – and affordable – business.
Your Food Truck Layout
Your food truck’s interior design will have the biggest impact on your staff and your customers, which will have the biggest impact on your business overall.
Food Truck Mobility
Despite the inherent implication of mobility in the name, many food trucks stay in one place year-round. Remember that you have the option to stay put or move around.
Branding Your Food Truck
Food truck marketing is a world of its own, one we highly recommend you drive – excuse us, dive – into.
The Service Window, Vents, Propane Tanks & Other Cutouts
you should not place an important piece of information on your service window cover, because when the window is open, that writing/image will not be seen.
stainless steel fabrication in Dubai

Since mobile diners and restos are on the rise today in Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah, RAK UAE & all over the Middle East, concession trailer and food truck fabrications are gradually increasing in number as well. It is imperative, however, for entrepreneurs buying a food truck to pick out a company that already has many years of experience in creating food trucks and trailers, and those that have expert crew members. We are providing Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment Fabrication in Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi, Ajman, and RAK in All of UAE. We are known for our premium quality fabrication. We are providing from custom SS equipment to utility distribution systems to build just for your application. We have been serving stainless steel kitchen equipment fabrication over many years in major fields like correctional food service kitchens to refrigerated counters for major restaurant chains.

Our engineering team is available for you to make you understand what is the right fit for your place. We have the experience to build what you require and innovative solutions to meet your goals.

Free Consultation For Food Truck Business

If you’re looking to upgrade your current Food Truck Business, or you’re starting from scratch, and if you are interested in creating a bespoke stainless steel fabrication for your commercial kitchen & Food trucks in UAE, then get in touch with us.